current equipment:

  • Yaesu FT-1500M, Diamond X-50N, TinyTrak4 with display

  • The TinyTrak4 is configured as a stand-alone wide1 fill-in digi. Configuration can be changed by an attached PS2 keyboard. The RS-232 port can be used for connecting a GPS or weather station, a computer for programming and back-up (currently done with an old HP 200LX DOS palmtop). The port can also be configured to act as a KISS TNC interface. Another interesting feature is the APRS message terminal.

  • TinyTrak4. Pictures show the built and the kit version.

  • One is not enough, you need at least three!

  • Older setup

  • BYONICS Micro-Trak RTG, a 10 Watt transmitter with APRS encoder (Tiny-Trak 3 chip). Serial GPS mouse, magnetic antenna and cables are included in the package. Available at byonics.com

  • BYONICS Micro-Trak AIO, a 10 Watt (when powered with 13.8 VDC, 3 Watt with 8 NiMH) all-in-one portable tracker, with built-in GPS, APRS encoder (a Tiny-Trak 3 chip), transmitter and power supply. Just switch it on and your position is on air (but don't forget the non pictured antenna ...). Available at byonics.com

  • TinyTrak 3, no longer used for tracking. The controller chip has been changed to a "tinypack" chip. Currently I am experimenting to send APRS packets via an HP48 calculator. It is planned to build a semi-automatic weather-station, by entering weather data into the calculator, who then transmits them via the TinyPack connected to a 2m-radio.
    The kit is very easy to build and well documented. Parts available at byonics.com

  • Self built Tracker with Byonics Micro-Trak 300 and Byonics GPS module, powered by a 9V block battery. Autonomy is +- 10 hours at 200 mW output power. Parts available at byonics.com