This was the last time I was at the ADRAD Kayldall repeatersite.

Times have changed. A new board of directors was elected and many of the components I built for the club were no longer needed by the ADRAD Kayldall. Among them was the APRS digipeater LX0ARR. I recovered the digi which also provided telemetry, weather data, email alert in case of a power failure and object generation of the clubs automatic stations. Since then the APRS map around Rumelange has been quite blank ... .

Nevertheless the components werde not lost. They were recycled and upgraded for the LARU APRS digipeater LX0SCI.

The club decided to keep the Raspberry, the relay-board and the power supplies. But they never asked access to the Raspberry. The Linutop of LX1DUC hosting the DMR-master-servers for LX0RU and LX0DRR were removed in August 2015 taking the 2 repeaters offline from the DMRplus network. As I am writing this (2017/FEB/12), LX0RU is on the network intermittently and LX0DRR has not come back on the network. Good work ADRAD Kayldall!




LX0ARR at the ADRAD Kayldall repeatersite

Last picture of LX0ARR in the rack.








Antenna of LX0ARR at the ADRAD Kayldall repeatersite

The antenna of LX0ARR before being removed.










LX0ARR no longer is in the rack.






Scrapped LX0PAR digipeater.